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Hidey ho everybody!

(insert typical journey entry by deviantArt user who hasn't updated anything in an astronomically long time and excuses as to why no art has been uploaded here)

For the past 9 months or so, I've been having an absolute blast animating on a new TV show for Teletoon and Cartoon Network called GROJBAND!

It's awesome (I'm biased), but seriously, it's awesome. Naturally, I'd probably get into an amazing capacity of trouble if I were to post art from the show for you to see. FORTUNATELY, the directors have a production blog that you can check out right here;

It's about kids, in a band, that rock. It rocks, tremendous rockage.

Can't wait for this bad boy to start airing so I can finally post some artwork. Pumped to share with you, beloved friends sprinkled across the cyber dimensions of the web.

Peace, love, and rock & roll!

-Sir Dirtyus Maximus
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Hey you! Yeah you!

You like awesome art right? Of course you do, why else are you on DeviantArt? Well, that's why I'm going to tell you something very exciting!

The incredibly talented and hard working Brentton Barkman :iconbrenttonb: has finally joined the DevArt community! This animation power-house has worked on Ugly Americans and other shows at a number of big deal animation studios in Toronto. Do your deviantWATCH list a favor and Watch this bad boy. And he's also on the twitter, follow him here;

Tell 'em Dirty sent'cha!
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wait, what? No no, I'm on Twitter now! And I love it, you should too.

To follow the misadventures of Dirty Dre, learn the secret to eternal youth, discover the location of the Hyperbolic Time-Chamber and how to catch the 151st Pokemon Mew click here;

with love,
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Cause I'm back on dA! Hopefully you're as excited about this as I am. Missed you virtual art community, you smell like daisies.

What I'm up to:
-Working on a short film about Hip-Hop
-Contributing illustrations/writing for TRAVIS Magazine &
-Finishing up school with 3 classes before graduation, yippie
-Working on freelance ish on the side

Also, I have a blog with art you might not see here.

I'm looking forward to drawing stuff for myself, plus being inspired by this magnificent online repertoire of art.

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just really busy...

really really busy,

good talk.
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What's good party people?
I have phenomenal news!!! My good friend and INCREDIBLY talented artist Garrett Hanna just re-surfaced on dA. Some of you might be familiar with his old gallery under ~throbulator.

If you get a minute, give him a warm welcome back and check out his gallery here :icongh-graphics:


Also this month:
I want to give a crazy THANK YOU to all the fav's n' watches I've received recently. Forever apologetic that I can't get back to you guys with the respect. It is MUCH appreciated, you all rock.

Also the group film I'm working on is in motion and we're dropping some hot ish for it. Looking forward to working with such talented people. Not to mention making an animated short.

Speaking of shorts, I'm also working on a 30 second animated spot all by my lonesome self. Insha'allah that will all pull through the way I'm imagining it.

Anyways, just a heads up that I'm busy led busting on paper for eternity so stay up party people and I'll catch ya next one.

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It's been two days of school and I've got ENUFF jazz on my plate already!
I'm geeked for the group film. Can't wait to get that rolling.
Just got hired by the Student Union so for those at Sheridan, catch me working The Fuse or events on campus.
Working for a couple companies doing freelance work.
And still Rocking mics at a venue near you (if you live near Toronto that is)

So forgive me if I don't update in a good fugging while. And if I don't get to thanking you for your favs and watches it's cause I have my colerase shuvved so high up my animation disk the internet just hardly exists to me anymore. Love you all for your support and shoutouts

In other news....

Got to see Rage Against the Machine among many other artists this summer at Rock the Bells in NY. The god Rakim, Black Star, Pharoahe Monch, Public Enemy and many many more.
Got up close to Talib Kweli when he came down to the dot and will do likewise when Common gets here on the 24th.

umm, and I'm sick which is always fun

k I'm bye bye
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A Journal entry? Yeah what do I think I'm doing?
Well first and foremost I gotta give much love and respect to the brother Nukirk :iconnukirk: who's given much support, so give a round of applause!

The good man is looking for an artist to help rock out his comic 'Simply Drama'
If you love to draw (and I assume you do) hit up the dude. But don't let me tell you about it
Check it out for yo'selfs…
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2nd year of Animation DONE!
making a group film in four months.. can't wait for that ride

Happy 4.20 everybody
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Oh Mah Gawd!
ya'll made it happen! and DAMN! I can't thank ya'll enough!!
+10 000 page views


shoutouts go to all of ya'll!
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a HUGE Thanks to everybody that helped me out with my artists block last week
Now that school is in full effect I'm back on the grind and drawing up a storm again.
but BIG UPS to all yall who gave me ideas to drop. Give yourselfs a round of applause
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OKAY... new years resolution was to draw my ass off...

so why don't I have any inspiration.
Somebody gimme a hand here
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I leave for three weeks and Have nearly 400 new deviations and 180 new msgs.
So Sorry if I don't get around to replying to you guys but DAMN haha
you make me feel appreciated lol.
Merry Christmas and Happy new Year.
w00t school.
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dissapeared for most of Christmas break.. and I wont be back on for a few more days.

Happy Holidays
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I found my Claire Huxtable....

that is all.
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I dont think I could be happyer... Smoking Sheesha, playing Bob Marley, drawing storyboards for my short film.
Life is good..

no no

life is Great

don't worry... about a thing. Cause every little thing.. is gonna be alright
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they still do BUT...

as I walked to school on this lovley tuesday morning, I saw from a distance... a sketch book with a green banner on it lying on my desk.

Yes I was trippin'!

Brock, a good friend o mine (Yes, I would punch girls for you brock) found it on a scanner in the school. A SCANNER!
so some DOUCHE had scanned my drawings and left the thing on the scanner. And it WAS a first year ani student... how do I know? There were drawings of bucket shaped pelvis' in the back of the book... bucket shaped pelvis' that ONLY first years learn! GASP!

but ohwell.

I got my sketch book baaaaack :boogie:
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Who steals a sketchbook?
what do you mean I should be flattered... some DOUCHE
my SKetch Book!
... do your OWN bad drawings, don't rip mine.

people are bitches...
What up virtual world...
so, life.
moving my ish to oakville tomrrow (oakville blows)
school starts monday.
Dirty is going to dissapear from the online world for a time being and get my ish together
OH, I'm seeing A TRIBE CALLED QUEST this month, which is RETARDLY WICKED
Yes THE Tribe.
yeah.. thats all
Oh.. and oakville blows

Ohh SNAP!!! 2000+ pageviews!
to what do I owe the honor?
(maybe me refreshing the page over and over again)
Thanks everybody :D :D ya'll make a dude feel better when he's sick
alright, back to the sketch pad